The MedCenter Remote Dispensing System

The MedAvail MedCenter is a networked pharmacy kiosk, which dispenses prescription medications under the control of a remote pharmacist. MedCenters can be deployed to benefit patients in locations where it is impractical to build a full pharmacy, or where additional pharmacy capacity or hours of operation are needed. The MedCenter can be installed in any climate-controlled and secured space, including clinics, emergency rooms, workplaces, and retail locations. Each MedCenter is loaded with medications appropriate to the setting in which it is located, and are stored in a secure and monitored vault.

The patient experience is direct, fast, and pleasant, often faster than in a physical pharmacy. The patient touches the MedCenter screen and pharmacy staff order the MedCenter to pick, verify, and label medications according to the scanned, stored, or refilled prescription. The regulated act of dispensing is controlled through strict oversight by the dispensing pharmacist, who can see images of the picked medication and its label, and who can counsel the patient through two-way audio and video. The entire integrated solution is packaged with a clean and approachable user interface, with privacy features suitable for hallways, waiting rooms, and building lobbies.

This combination of dispensing a diverse medication formulary under regulated human oversight, using automation and enterprise software integration, all streamlined into a compact, sleek and user-friendly interface is unique in the market.

Demonstration video of new 4th generation MedCenter

Pharmacy Benefits

The MedAvail MedCenter® allows healthcare businesses to offer economically viable remote pharmacy where it would not be possible to offer a traditional physical pharmacy...
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Patient Experience

The MedAvail MedCenter® allows pharmacy services to be available to patients in convenient and visible locations, namely, where they live, work, and visit their healthcare providers...
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Benefits to the Healthcare System

Although many metropolitan areas offer 24 hour pharmacy, these are often inconvenient or inaccessible to rural locations and less mobile patients, causing delay or failure in prescription fulfillment...
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Regulatory Compliance

Use of the MedAvail MedCenter® and related technology is governed by State Pharmacy Law in each US State, provincial Pharmacy Laws in Canada, and in most other cases globally, by National Pharmacy or related Healthcare Laws...
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How it works

MedAvail’s fourth-generation MedCenter is a ground up redesign that offers a unique solution to the problem of dispensing medications without a pharmacist physically present...
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