Pharmacy Benefits

Broader reach and more immediate patient access

The MedCenter allows healthcare businesses to offer economically viable remote pharmacy where it would not be possible to offer a traditional physical pharmacy. It is smaller than a physical pharmacy, and can be open 24 hours a day, allowing a broader reach to pharmacy businesses and more immediate care to patients. In addition, it is designed to be centrally managed and driven by a configurable workflow system, to match the evolving requirements of the purchasing pharmacy.

This fourth-generation MedCenter is designed to be aligned with the needs of retail pharmacy, where previous generations were largely designed as proofs of concept for legislators, regulators, and visionaries. As a part of that proof, MedCenters were developed and operated at small scale in Ontario and Illinois. This operational, research and design experience, over the course of 6 years, established key regulations, design practices and patents for remote pharmacy. The current generation surpasses the previous iterations by being smaller (and thus easier to ship and install), less expensive to manufacture at scale, and more economical to operate. The MedAvail MedPlatform can integrate into existing enterprise data centers and systems, a highly appealing feature for chain pharmacies and pharmacy operators. It is also designed to reduce the labor costs of each dispense by focusing the work of pharmacists on the important tasks of counseling, drug selection and confirmation, rather than being solely responsible for a full end-to-end dispense.