Benefits to the Healthcare System

Improving healthcare outcomes

Unlike prescription pick-up machines and other alternatives, MedAvail’s MedCenter kiosk is a complete medication dispensing solution—from prescription fulfillment through pick up, refills, and consultations.

Although many metropolitan areas offer 24 hour pharmacy, these are often inconvenient or inaccessible to rural locations and less mobile patients, causing delay or failure in prescription fulfillment. In addition, pharmacies are often missing from specialized or urgent points of care, such as clinics and emergency rooms, leading to delayed or missing compliance with prescribed medications. Additional care costs of unfilled prescriptions have been estimated to be over $100 million annually in the US alone (Berg, “Medication compliance, a healthcare problem,” Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 27, 9), and unfilled prescriptions cause higher mortality rates (e.g. Jackevicius, “Prevalence, Predictors, and Outcomes of Primary Nonadherence After Acute Myocardial Infarction,” Circulation, 2008). The MedCenter offers convenience, immediacy, and accessible pharmacy counseling as a contributing solution to these pressing issues.