For Pharmacies

Your pharmacy, our technology.

For all pharmacy operators, whether you are part of a large chain or an independent, our technology integrates into your pharmacy operations and provides convenient and safe dispensing options.

For Physician Groups

Your clinic, our pharmacy.

No pharmacy? No problem! We run SpotRx Pharmacy, a retail network located at the point of care inside your practice. Our pharmacists and our technology are embedded directly into your clinic.

Meet the MedCenter

Tailored formulary

Each MedCenter location can support a different medication formulary tailored to clinical, demographic, or business needs.


Adheres to the strict regulations required to permit remote dispensing, while ensuring patient safety and loss prevention.


M4 holds over 600+ medications at one time.


A sophisticated robotic picking and labeling system minimizes errors versus traditional human systems.


All regulated acts are performed under the supervision of licensed health professionals.


Moves medications from “in the vault” to “in a patient’s hands” without being touched by a human.