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The 24-hour Self-Serve Pharmacy Kiosk provides immediate access to prescription and Over-the-Counter medications. It’s fast with most dispensing times under five minutes and over 500 medications available. For faster service, your Doctor can also electronically prescribe your prescription. It’s that simple!


SCAN your prescription at the kiosk. You can either submit a new prescription or refill an existing one. SPEAK with a live pharmacist available 24/7/365. PAY with a debit or credit card and collect your medication!


SAFE. SECURE. SIMPLE. Privately connect one-on-one with a live pharmacist to discuss your medication. It’s secure and simple, just like an ATM!

How It Works

the letter ALive, on-screen pharmacist available

the letter BNew or refill prescriptions

the letter CFast, easy interactive screen

the letter DPrivacy handset

the letter EEasy payment system

the letter FMedication dispensed on the spot

Frequently Asked Questions

The MedCenter is a Self-Serve Pharmacy Kiosk that dispenses prescription and Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications under the full control of a remote pharmacist. An audio and video network connect in a fast, secure, and convenient manner.

The MedCenter kiosk is secure, fast, and easy to use.  Prescriptions and Over-the-Counter medications can be filled in just 3 easy steps:

  • Scan your prescription
  • Speak to a live pharmacist
  • Pay for and collect your medication
No. The pharmacy services being delivered are like any other community pharmacy.
The MedCenter kiosk accepts debit or credit card payments only. You can pay using the pin pad located on the MedCenter kiosk.
Most MedCenter kiosks are available 24/7/365 with access to a live pharmacist to assist with prescription health needs. Individual kiosk hours of operation can be found on our pharmacy websites:
OnTheSpotRx Pharmacy
APM Pharmacy
Yes. The MedCenter kiosk is like any other community pharmacy. You will pay your coinsurance amount only if any amount is owed.
All insurance benefits are accepted and processed just like any other community pharmacy.
Yes, you can submit prescriptions for family members.
The MedCenter is stocked with pre-packaged prescription medications and Over-the-Counter products.
There are 3 options if a medication is not stocked in the MedCenter. They can ask the pharmacist to call the physician to request a stocked medication. The pharmacist may transfer the prescription to another pharmacy or the patient may take the prescription to be filled at another pharmacy.
No. The MedCenter does not dispense controlled substances or narcotics. We are currently working with the appropriate regulatory organizations to be able to do so in the future.
Each MedCenter has a URL to a Check Stock app that can be set up and used on smart phone devices, tablets, or PCs to easily check what medications are stocked in the MedCenter.
Each MedCenter is associated to a home pharmacy. The home pharmacy manages the full operation, maintenance and stocking of the MedCenter.
Yes. A need assistance button on the MedCenter connects to the pharmacy. There is a handset available to ensure privacy during conversations with the pharmacist.
Yes. Each MedCenter kiosk is a licensed and regulated pharmacy and must go through the same inspections as any other community pharmacy to be formally accredited.

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