Florida Governor approves bill HB 59 allowing deployment of MedAvail automated pharmacy dispensing machines.

Florida Governor approves bill HB 59 allowing deployment of MedAvail automated pharmacy dispensing machines.

(Toronto, Ontario Canada .) – Major retailers such as Sam’s Club are wasting little time piloting automated medication dispensing kiosks in a number of their stores following the Governor’s recent approval of HB 59 which authorizes the use of automated pharmacy dispensing systems in the state of Florida.

Sam’s Club has begun to pilot MedAvail Technologies remote dispensing kiosks in order to create an alternative pharmacy pickup experience for added convenience and increased access. Sam’s club is excited to be piloting MedAvail’s remote pharmacy technology, particularly when patients are cautious about utilizing traditional pharmacy settings in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this approval, SpotRx pharmacy, wholly owned by MedAvail Technologies can begin to build out a network of in-clinic embedded pharmacies within Medicare clinics as they have done in Arizona and California. “Florida is a very large state for our SpotRx Medicare strategy representing an opportunity of more that $3.5B of annual prescription revenue within our targeted Medicare market” commented Dave Rawlins SpotRx Chief Commercial Officer. Dave Rawlins added, “deploying our SpotRx technology-enabled pharmacy platform in-clinic allows us to partner with the care providers in improving medication adherence and health outcomes.”

Prior to this legislation, the automated medication dispensing kiosks had to be very near or on the premises of a physical pharmacy, but the new legislation allows for the placement of these kiosks where the patient is in most need of medication access without the presence of a pharmacy. “The new legislation allows our partners to place kiosks more deeply into the point-of-care permitting greater access to medication for their patients, keeping them healthy and safe during this time of COVID” said Ed Kilroy, CEO of MedAvail Technologies, Inc. “States such as Arizona, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and others, have all embraced remote dispensing capability, eliminating the need for a patient to travel to their retail pharmacy in order to pick-up their medication and keeping them safe by reducing their risk of exposure.”

How it works. This MedAvail kiosk technology allows a patient to interact with a pharmacist in a live, two-way audio/video consultation before the pharmacist verifies and dispenses the patient’s prescription. The automated pharmacy system kiosk is a highly secure method of dispensing a wide variety of medications to patients, and a solution to increase patient access to pharmacy services, help reduce rates of medication non-adherence, and ultimately result in improving health outcomes. Click here for an explainer video of the system.


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