For Pharmacy Operators

Your pharmacy, our technology
For all pharmacy operators, whether you are part of a large chain, a health system, or an independent, our technology integrates into your pharmacy operations and provides convenient and safe dispensing options.

Integrate into Your Pharmacy Operations


Centralize your pharmacists and technicians to maximize their productivity. Reduce the labor costs of each dispense.


Rapidly scale a pharmacy network with a smaller footprint.

Customer service

Improve customer adherence by extending your reach 24/7 with live pharmacy consultations and managing customer health profiles.

A Network Solution with Improved Labor Productivity

MedAvail provides the technology to deliver economical self-service pharmacy solutions that are fully customized, branded, and integrated with pharmacy management systems. MedCenters offer convenience to customers and lower capital expenditures for pharmacies with centralized live pharmacy staff. Pharmacy team members can serve multiple customers simultaneously, which further reduces the labor costs of each dispense.

For pharmacies

Support and Service

MedAvail brings everything together to provide a better pharmacy experience for your customers.