How We’re Making Pharmacy Better

If you’ve ever been to a big-box pharmacy like Walgreens and CVS, you’re familiar with the frustrations that can happen. Long wait times, not having your prescription, or service that makes you feel like a number instead of a valued customer.

Dr. Robert Squire, the Pharmacist-in-Charge of SpotRx, is out to change that. In his mind, the SpotRx kiosk (an innovative technology that dispenses your meds after you feed in your prescription) is a huge part of creating a pharmacy experience that people can actually enjoy.

“It’s fast, convenient, and easy. You’re literally coming out of the doctor’s office and in the lobby is one of our kiosks. You can literally walk right over to it, press the start button, and someone from our staff comes on and greets you, just as if you were being greeted at any of the big box stores,” Squire explains.

If that sounds faster and easier than your typical pharmacy, that’s because it is.

“Right away, it’s that same interaction, but much quicker. You haven’t had to get in your car, drive somewhere, walk to the back of the big box and get in line, you haven’t been exposed to anywhere else but the doctor’s office you’re in”, says Squire.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still happening globally, it’s more important than ever to use a pharmacy that reduces your trips and exposure, which is all a part of staying healthy. If you’re concerned about this different, more technologically-advanced form of pharmacy, rest assured: it’s a lot like the old pharmacy experience, only better!

“Once you hit that start button, we’re gonna greet you and figure out how we can help you. We’re gonna figure out what your name is, your prescription, and then begin the process. If you’ve never been at the kiosk before, we’re literally going to obtain your demographic information, medical history, allergies, your address, phone number, insurance information, and then begin to process it,” says Squire.

One of the best parts about SpotRx is that it can function as a one-stop-shop for all your pharmacy needs as well.

“We’re gonna make sure [the medicine] is in the machine in the right amounts and process it through your insurance. We can collect payment at the machine, and we can review all the necessary information. Just like at any other place, you get to talk to your pharmacist, get counseling one-on-one about your medication from a pharmacist. Basically, it’s done quicker than going to a big box store,” Squire says.

Fast. Easier. Convenient. All tenets for a healthier way to live; and the data backs that up too!

“We actually find that by the patients using those machines or using us, there’s a higher success rate of the patient receiving their medications and getting started on their medications. So we have a higher success rate, as well,” Squire says.

But SpotRx also has plenty of benefits for doctor’s as well, not just patients.

“Because our concern is taking care of the patients, indirectly or directly, it’s also benefiting the provider. [The doctor] is also concerned about the patient taking their medication, picking it up, or starting it. If for some reason [the patient] is not feeling well enough to stand in line, because we’re so fast and convenient, they’re more likely apt to come to us,” says Squire.

With a newer and better way to pharmacy that keeps you healthier and compliant, SpotRx Pharmacy is proud to be your partner in wellness.


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