For Physician Groups

Your clinic, our pharmacy
No pharmacy? No problem! We run SpotRx Pharmacy, a retail network located at the point of care inside your practice. Our pharmacists and our technology are embedded directly into your clinic.

The SpotRx Pharmacy Solution

We deploy our innovative self-service MedCenters at the point of care and embed SpotRx Pharmacy services into physician group practices and specialist clinics. We surround our MedCenters with a concierge home delivery service and clinical programs designed to drive improved health outcomes.

  • Full on-site pharmacy services
  • A local central pharmacy hub that facilitates free home delivery for refills, non-stocked items, and specialty medications
  • Zero cost to the clinic
  • Data sharing with providers
  • Integrated into clinic workflow
  • SpotRx Pharmacy maintenance medication adherence rates are well above the Medicare Advantage 5-star rating

What we Offer:

  • On-site dispensing of first fills, acute and chronic medicines, and OTCs
  • Free home delivery
  • Multi-channel refill reminders (text, phone, email)
  • Adherence counseling and gaps in care
  • Market-leading cash prices
  • Accepts most insurance and preferred pharmacy with Medicare plans

We have a Net Promoter Score of:

+ 0

SpotRx Pharmacy has an above-average NPS rating, currently +90 (Walgreens: +25, CVS: -5, RiteAid: +4 according to Customer Guru)

adherence chart
Star Rating
1 x
better adherence
1 %
increased revenue
+ 1
Net Promoter score


of patients fail to fill their prescriptions because they’re too busy, lack transportation or it’s inconvenient.

– Study by Campbell et. al

Our Clients:

Trusted by partners across Arizona, California, Michigan, and Florida
"Our members and providers at CareMore are extremely pleased with the service and reliability SpotRx has provided. They are extremely engaged and responsive. The kiosks are convenient and simple for even elderly frail patients. Because of SpotRx, we have seen better outcomes and higher satisfaction."
Dr. Virag Shah, MD, FAAFP
Regional Medical Director of CareMore Touch