Privacy Policy

November 8, 2022

This Privacy Policy applies to MedAvail Technologies Inc., (MedAvail) and its affiliates, and explains the role of MedAvail within the medication fulfillment process as the manufacturer of the MedAvail MedCenter®, what transactional information is collected by MedAvail and others and how the information is used.

Acceptable Uses of the MedAvail MedCenter®

The MedAvail MedCenter® is designed to be used as a remote extension of the traditional pharmacy. The physical dispense and the release of prescription medication is at the discretion and expertise of a licensed pharmacist, the same as an in-store pharmacy transaction. There are multiple safeguards designed into the MedAvail MedCenter® to ensure patient safety. Paramount to these safeguards is pharmacist control over prescription medication dispensing.

MedAvail is the manufacturer and provider of the MedAvail MedCenter® to retailers who are responsible for pharmacy processes and successful dispensing of medication to patients and customers. It is incumbent upon the retailers to ensure the MedAvail MedCenter® is used in accordance with acceptable use practices.

Inventory management, package movement, labeling, documentation and payment processing are functions designed into the MedAvail MedCenter®. These processes have proven success rates, as evidenced through extensive testing and qualification. With patient safety in mind, the process is overseen by the pharmacist, with the pharmacist counseling the patient, reviewing the transaction, approving the product to be dispensed and releasing the prescription medication to the patient.

Information Provided by the Patient

Filling a prescription using the MedAvail MedCenter® requires the same patient information as that which is necessary for an in-pharmacy transaction. This information will be collected either verbally or electronically and provided to a member of the pharmacy team.

Use of the MedAvail MedCenter® is voluntary. The customer is under no obligation to provide the information required to facilitate the fulfillment of your prescription. However, in providing it, you are consenting to the use as described within the Privacy Policies herein and as updated from time to time.

Information We Collect

MedAvail does not retain any personal, financial or medical information. The MedCenter® facilitates the transmission of information to the parties requiring this data to complete the transaction.

For audit, and reliability purposes, MedAvail does apply a reference number to each transaction to validate the process applied and to ensure order accuracy. This reference number does not contain any personal, financial, or medical information.

Information Collected by Others

To facilitate a successful dispense of medication, the pharmacist (employed by the pharmacy operating the MedCenter®) will need to acquire patient information. Medication dispense information fulfilled by our clients are subject to the privacy policy of our clients Information collected in connection with Payment transactions is subject to the privacy policies of our payment processing vendors.

Information Security 

MedAvail considers data security to be a serious matter, and we have taken measures to protect the information passing through the MedCenter®. We use data encryption technology for the transmission of patient information, which is managed through secure network connections. Additionally we employ security and access control technologies to ensure that only authorized personnel, under the privacy policies referenced, will have access to confidential information.