The MedCenter

At MedAvail, our award-winning technology is backed by a personalized pharmacy experience. This technology allows for a seamless collaboration between the prescribing clinicians, pharmacist, and the patient, while providing convenient, safe, and efficient access to prescription medications.

Meet the MedCenter

Tailored Formulary

Each MedCenter location can support a different medication formulary tailored to clinical, demographic, or business needs.


Adheres to the strict regulations required to permit remote dispensing, while ensuring patient safety and loss prevention.


M4 holds over 600+ medications at one time.


A sophisticated robotic picking and labeling system minimizes errors versus traditional human systems.


All regulated acts are performed under the supervision of licensed health professionals.


Moves medications from “in the vault” to “in a patient’s hands” without being touched by a human.

M4 MedCenter

Designed to fit in waiting rooms, hallways, lobbies, or pop-up shops, the M4 MedCenter kiosk provides immediate access to prescription and over-the-counter medications.

  • 45,000+ successful dispenses
  • Mobile and self-service options
  • 600+ medications available
  • Supported package sizes – 0.5″ × 1.0″ × 2.25″ to 3.5″ × 4.5″ × 7″
  • Small footprint – Less than 13 ft2 (79″ × 53.6″ × 34.4″)

M5 MedCenter

The solution for high-volume locations, the M5 MedCenter is a full pharmacy replacement. Modular and configurable, the M5 extends your reach, reduces costs, provides 24/7 pharmacy service, and can be configured for drive-thru capability. 

  • Capable of more than 300 dispenses per day
  • Store and drive-thru applications
  • Up to 10,000 medications available
  • Modular and configurable to clients’ business needs
  • Can service multiple customers simultaneously

Data, Security, and Privacy

  • The MedCenter is HIPAA and PCI compliant and leaves no footprint, meaning no patient data is ever stored on the machine.
  • A handset and minimal screen presentation of PHI ensures patient privacy.
  • Any uncollected printed materials are discarded into a secure bin after dispense.


  • All stages of the MedCenter dispense are controlled and supervised by a trained healthcare professional. No medication can leave the system without a visual QA and sign off from a pharmacist. 
  • Barcode technology, a sophisticated robotic picking and labeling system, and a ‘fail-safe’ shutdown mechanism minimizes errors versus traditional human systems.
  • Product lot and expiration are tracked and any pharmaceutical recalls can be identified and discarded at the touch of a button.